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Today, NYK and NYK Group companies MTI Co. Ltd. (head office: Tokyo; president: Yasuo Tanaka) and Japan Marine Science Inc. (head office: Kanagawa; president: Koichi Akamine) released partial findings of a study on collision risk judgement and the autonomous operation of vessels. Representatives from the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT), Nippon Kaiji Kyokai (ClassNK), and three partner manufacturers* were in attendance when the findings were released.

This entire study includes development of (a) functions to facilitate judgement related to avoiding risk of collision with other vessels; (b) remote operations by land operators; and (c) devices related to AR (augmented reality)** of nautical instrument information, with the aim to pursue safe operations and reduce officer workload. This study was selected by MLIT for its ???2016 Support Projects for R&D in Advanced Safety Technology of Vessels.???

Today, NYK reported on its process in developing (a) functions to facilitate judgement related to avoiding risk of collision. Using the large ship-handling simulator at Japan Marine Science Inc., NYK accumulated data on how experienced captains of large merchant vessels avoid the risk of collision, and then digitalized that data.

Usually, officers make a prediction, a judgment of the risk of collision based on their own experience, but each person???s sense of danger differs. The usage of accumulated data to develop common standards will help officers to appropriately judge risk and prevent collisions.

The NYK Group will continue to boost digitalization by taking advantage of promising collaborations that make good use of our operational expertise, analyses, and networks, and strive to enhance transport safety further.

* Tokyo Keiki Inc., Japan Radio Co. Ltd., and Furuno Electric Co. Ltd.

** AR (augmented reality) - A live view of physical, real-world environments, the elements of which are augmented by computer-generated sensory input.





Two NYK Group companies have each been recognized with an Award of Excellence at the 2017 Cruise of the Year Awards* sponsored by the Japan Oceangoing Passenger Ship Association (JOPA).

NYK Cruises Co. Ltd. (head office: Yokohama; president: Hiroshi Hattori) was recognized for its Takarazuka cruise, which was held on board the luxury cruise ship Asuka II operated by NYK Cruises. This cruise allowed passengers to enjoy an original show by performers who used to be members of the Takarazuka Revue. In addition, the guests enjoyed many collaborative events such as an exercise class by a choreographer of the revue, and a costume display. Guests could also try on feather backpack wings and feel what it is like to be a member of the Takarazuka troupe. This cruise was also praised for its appeal to new customers. Sixty percent of passengers were first-time guests, and half were under the age of 50.

Yusen Travel Co. Ltd. (head office: Tokyo; president: Katsuo Isomura) was recognized for its Shingu (Wakayama pref.) ??? Kochi ??? Beppu (Oita pref.) cruise. Yusen Travel chartered Asuka II in spring, when cherry blossoms are in full bloom, and arranged original onboard events, special gifts, and meals on the theme of cherry blossoms and spring. Families and female groups especially enjoyed this cruise, which was also praised for its appeal to the Asia market and for the discovery of a potential new cultural experience for foreign guests on a Japanese flag cruise ship.

On December 19, an awards ceremony was held in Tokyo, and JOPA chairman Naohiko Yamaguchi presented plaques to NYK Cruises senior managing director Masahiro Arai and Yusen Travel director Norihiko Yamazaki.

The NYK Group will continue its efforts to offer creative cruise experiences that best meet the passions of its customers.

* Cruise of the Year

An annual award presented by the cruise section of JOPA. The purpose of the award is to recognize companies offering notable cruises that have contributed to the development of the travel trade, thus increasing the motivation to produce attractive cruises and services for customers. This is the 10th year that the award has been presented. Awards of Excellence are given to recognize original cruises that attract a significant number of customers, challenge new markets, and generate significant social attention.

NYK's Tokyo Container Terminal* was recognized with a letter of appreciation from Tokyo Customs at its 2018 awards ceremony held on Customs Day at the Tokyo port on November 28.

The NYK terminal was praised for its cooperation with daily customs administration and for accepting visitor requests from government agencies, trading companies, and educational institutions. The terminal accepts about 3,000 visitors every year and provides opportunities to learn about international trade through terminal tours and explanations of container shipping.

The NYK Group, as a global logistics enterprise, looks forward to continuing its cooperation with customs. 

* NYK's Tokyo Container Terminal

NYK leases the No. 6 and 7 berths at the Tokyo Port Terminal Corporations Oi Container Terminal. The two berths have a total area of 275,400 square meters, equivalent to the area of six Tokyo Domes. The terminal handles a significant amount of international trade and thus plays an important role as a logistics hub supporting life and industry.