Carrier Haulage

For our Carrier Haulage rates please contact our local sales representative.
Besides the standard Carrier Haulage rate we work with the below surcharges for additional services.
Exception on this is the Inland Fuel Surcharge which is applied on all direct truck rates.

ItemImport / ExportAmountCharge Level
Waiting Time 9 Import / Export EUR 50 per Hour
Inland fuel surcharge 10 Import / Export 19 % % of Haulage rate
Low water surcharge Import / Export VATOS per TEU
Multistop (excl add km's) Import / Export EUR 60 per Stop
Hazardous/ADR surcharge Import / Export EUR 45 per Cntr
Chassis rent Import / Export EUR 40 per Day
GenSet surcharge (reefer cargo) Import / Export EUR 100 per Day

9 standard 2 hours free for (un)loading, invoicing per 1/2 hour
10 Inland Fuel Surcharge Benelux as from 1st April 2012 until 30th June 2012.  Surcharge will increase to 21% as fm 1st July 2012.

10 From any location within the Benelux to Port of Rotterdam/Antwerp: 19%
10 From any location within the Benelux to Port of Hamburg/Bremerhaven: 13%



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