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Today, NYK and the National Institute of Technology (KOSEN)* agreed to collaborate in the fields of education and public relations for the purpose of human resources development in the maritime industry and the promotion of maritime affairs awareness.

NYK has a number of programs to educate the next generation of seafarers, and one of those programs facilitates international student-exchanges between students at KOSEN maritime schools and the NYK-TDG Maritime Academy, which NYK operates in the Philippines.

In addition to these overseas exchange programs and the promotion of maritime affairs awareness, NYK will boost its cooperation with KOSEN to include training in Japan and overseas for teachers and students. This training will begin this summer. NYK will continue to support maritime education and encourage young adults to gain a maritime perspective.

*National Institute of Technology (KOSEN) Established in 2004. There are 51 national colleges of technology called KOSEN in Japan. Website: