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Symphony Creative Solutions Pte. Ltd. (SCS),* an NYK Group company, in cooperation with NUS Enterprise,** the entrepreneurial arm of the National University of Singapore, held a panel discussion on January 25 at BLOCK71 Singapore*** to promote open innovation in the shipping and logistics industry.

This was the second time SCS has held this event. Former SCS chairman Kwok Wai Chak, who also served the NYK Group as a corporate officer, drew upon his experience as a vessel captain and provided an overview of changes and challenges in the container shipping industry. A panel discussion followed and examined the use of advanced technology to address these challenges.

The event was attended by over 100 people, attracting good interest from a number of organizations, including startups, universities, government agencies, and shipping companies.

As a platform for open innovation in the shipping and logistics industry, SCS plans to hold a series of these events and sponsor a contest for startups this spring.

The NYK Group will continue to promote innovation and provide new value to the maritime and logistics industry by developing advanced, creative solutions. 

* Symphony Creative Solutions Pte. Ltd.

Jointly established in Singapore in March 2016 by the NYK Group, Weathernews Inc., and Kozo Keikaku Engineering Inc. to develop and market next-generation solutions in the shipping and logistics fields. 

** NUS Enterprise

NUS Enterprise promotes entrepreneurship, cultivates global mindsets and talents through the synergies of experiential entrepreneurial education and active industry partnerships, and fosters ecosystem building for startups.

*** BLOCK71 Singapore

Located in the Ayer Rajah industrial estate in Singapore, BLOCK71 is an ecosystem builder and global connector that aggregates and catalyses the startup community.

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