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The first commercial product of the J-Marine NeCST* ship navigation support tool has been installed on board Asuka II, a cruise ship owned and operated by NYK Cruises Co. Ltd. Having a variety of integrated operational information on a large screen display on the bridge is expected to result in safer voyages.

J-Marine NeCST, jointly developed by NYK, MTI Co. Ltd., and Japan Radio Co. Ltd., has been tested on NYK Group operated ships and completed trials at sea, and will begin to be used on Asuka II during its 39-day '2018 Oceania Grand Cruise' from January 28.

Rapidly gathering accurate information and properly managing it is a very important initial action in an emergency. Prior to J-Marine NeCST, information was mainly received by email or telephone, but the crisis management center and offices on land will now have prompt access to a wide range of useful data.

From an early stage, the NYK Group has been focused on making use of big data and is currently taking advantage of data analysis to address a variety of issues. The NYK Group aims to achieve further high-quality safe operation by merging technology and the wealth of data the company has accumulated over the years.

* J-Marine NeCST (NeCST is pronounced 'Next')

A ship navigation support tool that allows users to easily plan routes using the handwriting function of the electronic navigational chart, in addition to managing and sharing operational data using integrated information such as meteorological and hydrographical forecasts.