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On November 14 at NYK???s 11th Environmental Management Conference in Tokyo, four companies were recognized for their improvement of company value. The four ??? Asahi Shipping Co. Ltd. (head office: Tokyo; president: Norio Tanabe), UNI-X Corporation (head office: Tokyo; president: Mitsuo Tsubota), NYK Trading Corporation (head office: Tokyo; president: Keiji Tsuchiya), and Yusen Logistics Co. Ltd. (head office: Tokyo; president: Kenji Mizushima) ??? were selected from among 46 domestic NYK Group companies.

NYK holds this conference once a year with NYK Group companies to share information on environmental practices and strengthen environmental management. The four recognized group companies were highly commended for connecting their environmental measures to their business activities. Details of the measures are provided below.

The conference participants were also captivated by a presentation by Mizuho Information & Research Institute Inc. representatives, who spoke about the institute???s initiatives for climate change after the Paris Agreement.

NYK continues to enhance its activities to reduce the environmental impact of the entire NYK Group. In fact, by fiscal 2018 the company is striving to cut CO2 emissions by 15% over the levels recorded in fiscal 2010 by improving the fuel efficiency of the company???s ships. NYK is also aiming to be an advanced company in the safety and environmental fields through the introduction of electricity-saving equipment and power-saving activities. 

Asahi Shipping Co. Ltd.

Activity: Development of a binary cycle power generation system that makes use of exhaust heat

Details: Together with Kobe Steel Ltd. and Miura Co. Ltd., Asahi Shipping Co. Ltd. jointly developed a system that generates electricity from the exhaust heat emitted by the marine engine's air cooler. The system reduced CO2 emissions by 2.3 percent during an installation test conducted on one of Asahi Shipping???s vessels.

UNI-X Corporation

Activity: Development and sales of ClassNK-approved LEDs for port terminals

Details: Through the joint development and sales of port-terminal LEDs together with Stanley Electric Co. Ltd., UNI-X Corporation was able to reduce power consumption and CO2 emissions by about 66 percent compared with normal sodium-vapor lamps. In addition to reducing environmental loads, the LEDs improve visibility, resulting in safer and more reliable work environments.

NYK Trading Corporation

Activity: Development and sales of the ULTY-V coal boiler control optimization system

Details: ULTY-V has been able to reduce fuel consumption by up to 1.67 percent by stabilizing plant operations. The system received the 45th Sasaki Award from Japan Technical Association of the Pulp and Paper Industry for the reduction of CO2 emissions.

Yusen Logistics Co. Ltd.

Activity: Delivery of optimal temperature-controlled international transportation solutions using multi-functional insulated box

Details: Yusen Logistics Co. Ltd. conducted joint research with Dai Nippon Printing Co. Ltd. into a multifunctional insulated box that features superior insulation and airtight seals. Used for cargo susceptible to sudden temperature rises and falls, this box can be loaded together with non-refrigerated cargo without the use of refrigerated trucks and containers. In addition, collecting and reusing the boxes reduces environmental loads.