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A start-up that has received support from NYK Group South Asia Pte. Ltd. (NGSA) and Symphony Creative Solutions Pte. Ltd. (SCS)*, both NYK Group companies, has won the top prize at Smart Port Challenge 2017** launched by the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) in June 2017.

NGSA and SCS issued the challenge of 'using automation to help ships meet regulatory clearance' to the 81 start-ups participating in the event, and subsequently selected a start-up that had proposed the use of RPA*** technology to achieve the task. NGSA and SCS supported the start-up as a mentor to create innovative solutions that would to meet the challenge. At the end of September, the start-up was awarded the top prize out of 12 finalists by experts in the maritime and venture capital industries.

The NYK Group will continue to promote innovation and provide new value to the maritime and logistics industry by developing advanced, creative solutions.

 * Symphony Creative Solutions Pte. Ltd.

Jointly established in Singapore in March 2016 by the NYK Group, Weathernews Inc., and Kozo Keikaku Engineering Inc. to develop and market next-generation solutions in the shipping and logistics fields.

 ** Smart Port Challenge 2017

An initiative by the MPA to encourage collaboration between organizations and start-ups to push digital transformation in the maritime industry to enhance safety, efficiency, and productivity. This program provides opportunities for maritime industry partners and start-ups to harness digital technologies in areas such as IoT and artificial intelligence for collaborations that will add value to the maritime logistics value chain.

 *** RPA

Robotic Process Automation

Automation and optimization of work by making use of artificial intelligence.