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NYK has released a digital version of its ???Essential-15??? safe cargo operation guidelines for the high quality transport of dry bulk cargo. The new, multilingual version includes digital animations and replaces the previous version, which was a paper document. NYK has distributed the updated guidelines to about 180 NYK-operated bulk carriers through shipowners and ship-management companies.

In 2015, NYK created the ???Essential-15" guidelines by selecting 15 items considered to be indispensable for safe cargo operations. Officers and operators of capsize and panamax bulk carriers, among other bulkers, make use of the guidelines to prevent serious accidents during cargo handling.

New digital animations make the guidelines easier to understand, helping to make them a valuable tool for captains, officers, and operators to improve their knowledge and skills regardless of mother tongue or previous level of knowledge or experience.

In order to create an electronic version of the guidelines, a project team was formed by NYK???s Dry Bulk Marine Team, and young and mid-career operators dedicated nearly a year to the task.

The NYK Group will continue its efforts to raise the standard of its safe cargo operations and transport quality.

  • Features of Updated "Essential-15"
  1. Attractive Design and Composition

Includes lots of illustrations, photos, and animations, making the material much more learner-friendly.

       2. Multilingual

Available in four languages, ??????including English, Japanese, Chinese, and Tagalog, so that more seafarers can review the material in their mother tongue.

       3. Offline Study

Distributed by DVD, so study can be done without a network connection.