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As a part of the NYK Mirai Project,* NYK sponsored a booth at the summer 2017 'Manabi no Fes' (Festival of Learning) on August 2 at the Japan Science Foundation's museum in central Tokyo.

This event was organized by the Mainichi Shimbun, one of Japan's major newspapers, to provide children with the opportunity to learn about jobs at companies that might not be familiar to the children. Thirty-seven companies and organizations exhibited at the event, which was attended by about 1,800 children and parents chosen by lot.

This was the second 'Manabi no Fes' for NYK, and this time the company conducted classes about oceangoing ships and seafarers' onboard duties, administered quizzes about the ships, and gave the children the opportunity to navigate a car carrier via a ship-handling simulator.

Many children enjoyed the simulator challenge of piloting a ship through Tokyo Bay and the Singapore Strait, both of which are known to be areas of heavy vessel traffic. And parents asked many questions about the process of becoming a seafarer.

A photo area was set up and cosponsored by the All Japan Seamen's Union and the International Mariners Management Association of Japan, and many children enjoyed interacting with the J-Crew Project's mascots and being photographed wearing a captain's uniform.

The company looks forward to continuing the NYK Mirai Project to encourage interest in seafaring among children.

* NYK Mirai Project

This project consists of a series of activities that nurture greater awareness of maritime affairs and the seafaring life among Japan's youth so that they can develop interest in the maritime industry and consider careers at shipping companies. The project was launched at the end of 2014.