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Three NYK Group companies have received awards at the 18th annual Logistics Environment Awards* sponsored by the Japan Federation of Freight Industries (JFFI). At an awards ceremony held at the Dai-ichi Hotel Tokyo, the below three companies were recognized for their distinguished environmental accomplishments in the field of logistics.

-- Asahi Unyu Kaisha Ltd.

Adopted electrically powered cars and solar panels and received the highest rank, three stars, for achievements in CO2 emissions reduction in accordance with the Aichi CO2 Reduction Manifesto 2020 established by Aichi prefecture in 2012. The company also promotes employees??? proactive participation in environmental preservation activities, such as beach cleaning in Fujimae-higata in Nagoya.

 -- UNI-X Corporation (jointly received with Stanley Electric Co. Ltd.)

In the harsh environment of a port terminal, LEDs were not that common because no international standard for quality or durability existed. Therefore, the two companies jointly developed a reliable LED for port terminals and then contributed to the reduction of environmental loads by making this new product available on the market. In fact, this is the first LED to be approved for port terminal use by ClassNK.

 -- Yusen Koun Co. Ltd.

Operates an inland container terminal in Fushimi, Kyoto, to promote efficient container management, thus reducing CO2 emissions, alleviating the truck-driver shortage, and reducing traffic congestion in the harbor district.


NYK continues to enhance its activities to reduce the environmental impact of the entire NYK Group, aiming to be an advanced company in the safety and environmental fields.


* Logistics Environment Awards

Organizations, corporations, and individuals are recognized by JFFI (chairman: Yasumi Kudo) for efforts to protect the environment and enhance environmental awareness in the sphere of logistics and thereby contribute to the sound development of logistics. These awards were founded in 2000 and are presented annually.