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NYK was selected today as a ???2017 Competitive IT Strategy Company??? for the second consecutive year by Japan's Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) and the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE). This award recognizes NYK's appropriate internal governance of the planning, execution, and utilization of IT, in addition to the company???s active IT efforts.

Since 2015, METI and TSE have select and publicized TSE-listed companies that are actively using IT to achieve business innovation and improve earnings and productivity.

Features of NYK???s competitive IT strategy are below.

- Renovation of the liner enterprise system to standardize business processes globally and reduce operational costs

- Enhancement of onboard IoT for added safety and optimal vessel operations, maintenance of engines and ships, hull modification, and marketing

- Execution and prompt assessment of IT strategy advocated in the company???s management plan

- Establishment of a system crafted for a forward-moving global business


The NYK Group will continue to be competitive and proactive in various fields, including the rapidly developing fields of IT, for steady growth and an increase in corporate value.