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NYK donated to the organizations which dedicate to the support for children in the aspects of education and others. The donation was correlating monetary amount from the NYK???s volunteer point system.

The NYK???s volunteer point system was introduced in 2014 to encourage greater participation of the group???s officers and employees in activities that benefit society. The point is amassed in response to the activities NYK group employees participate, and a correlating monetary amount is donated by NYK to the charities. In 2016, three charities below engaged in activities that promote education and provide support to children were selected by balloting NYK volunteers.


-NPO Kid???s Door

An NPO that gathers student volunteers to provide educational support to economically disadvantaged children seeking admission into school in Japan.



-The MICHINOKU Future Fund

The fellowship which supports entering the college or university for children who lost parent by The Great Eastern Japan Earthquake.

Website: (English)


-International Children???s Action Network (ICAN)

An NPO tasked with providing medical care, education, and support for children in the Philippines to improve the health and livelihoods of them. They also provide international education in Japan.

Website: (Japanese)


NYK held meetings where each organization reported to NYK employees about their activities and how NYK???s donation was used last year.

NYK will make every effort to remain a good corporate citizen and enhance its corporate value for all stakeholders by continuing the company???s support of social contribution activities by employees.