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From October 2016, NYK participated in the 2016 UTokyo-MIT-Industry Joint Program for a Pioneering Frontier sponsored by the University of Tokyo (UTokyo; President: Makoto Gonokami) and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

In this program, young researchers and engineers from Japan???s maritime industry completed a class about ???Systems Thinking Approach??? * at the UTokyo graduate school, and afterwards chose a research theme related to the maritime industry to present to students enrolled in the System Design and Management master???s program at MIT. ** The MIT students critically reviewed the NYK presentation, and then selected NYK???s to examine deeper over the coming months with NYK???s support.

The selected theme was the feasibility of the autonomous navigation of ships. A final presentation on the research conducted by the MIT students was held on 17th May at MIT in Boston.

NYK will continue its efforts to deepen the link between academia and industry, and to proactively nurture younger staff to become more globally competitive.


* Systems Thinking Approach

A perspective developed at MIT to gain an overall grasp of an incident by discovering how the components influence each other so as to complete complicated projects and solve issues.


** System Design and Management Program at MIT

A graduate program leading to a master's degree at MIT. Through the lectures about system architecture, system engineering, and project management, participants learn the methodology to solve complex societal challenges.