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On April 14, a new coal carrier, Isuzu Maru, was delivered at Oshima Shipbuilding Co. Ltd. (Saikai city, Nagasaki prefecture). The new vessel will be operated by NYK Bulkship (Asia) Pte. Ltd., an NYK group company located in Singapore, for the transport of coal for JERA Trading Singapore Pte. Ltd. (JERA Trading Singapore). * A delivery and naming ceremony was held at the shipyard on the same day. The ceremony was attended by Tomohiko Ono, Director of Chubu Electric Power Co., Inc. (Chubu Electric Power), and Kazuo Ogasawara, NYK Managing Corporate Officer, among others.

Isuzu Maru will be the first coal carrier for an NYK Group???s overseas subsidiary to operate for a Japanese electric power company. The vessel will transport coal mainly from Australia and Indonesia to Chubu Electric Power???s Hekinan thermal power station, which is located in Hekinan city, Aichi prefecture, in Japan. Compared to the standard 70,000-ton (DWT) Panamax bulk carrier, the new Isuzu Maru has a wider beam and a shallower draft to improve transportation efficiency.

The NYK Group will continue its efforts to make use of creative solutions to provide stable and economical transportation of resources.


*JERA Trading Singapore

A coal trading corporation in Singapore owned by JERA Co., Inc. (67%) and EDF Trading Limited (33%). JERA Co., Inc. is a joint venture owned equally by Chubu Electric Power and TEPCO Fuel & Power, Incorporated.


About Isuzu Maru

Length Overall: 249.98 meters

Breadth: 43.00 meters

Gross Tonnage: 56,825 tons

Deadweight Tonnage: 100,165 metric tons

Builder: Oshima Shipbuilding Co. Ltd.

Country: Marshall Islands