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NYK was certified as the ???White 500,??? a group of large companies showing outstanding health and productivity management. This recognition is selected by Japan's Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) and Nippon Kenko Kaigi*, and acknowledges excellent large companies that strategically carry out efforts in cooperation with an insurer to manage employee health. NYK is the only one company in the maritime industry to be included for 2017 year. This is the first year of ???White 500,??? and in all 235 companies were elected.


NYK has started a health-promotion project in collaboration with the NYK Health Insurance Society. Under this project, NYK offers enhanced regular health checkups, a clinic to help employees give up smoking, coaching events led by trainers of leading athletes, and seminars featuring medical specialists.


NYK strongly believes that promoting employee health and preventing disease helps to build a strong foundation for business activities. Considering health to be one of the highest priorities, NYK will continue to examine effective methods to improve employee well-being.


* Nippon Kenko Kaigi

In Japan, which is battling a declining birth rate and an aging population, this organization was formed under the full support of administration to help commercial businesses offer effective activities for life extension and proper medical care. The aim is to realize concrete measures in the workplace and society through cooperation among organizations in the economic, medical, and insurance fields. The organization???s ???Declaration for a Healthy Town/Workplace 2020??? aims to recognize 500 companies engaged in managing employee health in cooperation with insurers.