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On November 30 at NYK???s 10th annual Environmental Management Conference in Tokyo, Asahi Unyu Kaisha Ltd. (head office: Aichi; president and CEO: Toshiya Kozawa) and the GENEQ Corporation (head office: Fukuoka; president: Keiji Ushiyama) were selected from among 33 domestic NYK Group companies for recognition of environmental activities that resulted in the improvement of company value. 

NYK holds this conference once a year with NYK Group companies to share information on environmental practices and strengthen environmental management. The two recognized group companies were highly commended for their rooted activities within their communities and creative solutions. Details are provided below.


Asahi Unyu Kaisha Ltd.

Activities: (1) Commitment to the Aichi CO2 Emissions Reduction Manifesto 2020; (2) environmental preservation activities.

Point of evaluation: (1) Received the highest rank, three stars, for achievements in CO2 emissions reduction in accordance with the Aichi CO2 Reduction Manifesto 2020 established by Aichi prefecture in 2012; (2) recognition of employees??? proactive participation in environmental preservation activities, such as beach cleaning in Fujimae-higata, Nagoya city.


GENEQ Corporation

Activity: Reduction of environmental burden by utilizing GENEQ SHIELD®

Point of evaluation: Reduced CO2 emissions through power consumption reduction by covering the interiors of dry containers with GENEQ SHIELD® and transporting temperature-sensitive cargo that is usually transported by reefer container. Moreover, the company utilized resources effectively by recycling and reusing GENEQ SHIELD®.

GENEQ SHIELD® is a logistics support product that covers the interiors of dry container with magnets installed advanced heat insulation material to prevent quality degradation of cargo experiencing sudden temperature rises and drops, heat, and dew condensation. GENEQ SHIELD® is made by the GENEQ Corporation and is patented. The product presents customers with a more economical transport option over reefer containers.


The conference participants were also captivated by a presentation by representatives from Fujitsu Limited, who spoke about their company???s initiatives to realize a sustainable society.

NYK continues to enhance its activities to reduce the environmental impact of the entire NYK Group, and to cut CO2 emissions by improving the fuel efficiency of the company???s ships by 15% by fiscal 2018 from fiscal 2010, aiming to be an advanced company in the safety and environmental fields through the introduction of electricity-saving equipment and power-saving activities.