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On March 17, Hokuetsu Ushaka, a wood-chip carrier operated by NYK Line, rescued 14 people in distress off the Coast of Chile.

While the NYK vessel was sailing from Japan to Chile in the South Pacific Ocean on March 16, the ship received an alert from a troubled raft, and immediately responded to this call and set a course for the given position. The ship successfully rescued 14 people from the raft on the afternoon of March 17, and the ship???s crew members began giving the injured person first aid. All those rescued were handed over to the Chile coast guard at sea on the early morning of March 19.


About Hokuetsu Ushaka

Captain: Yun Sun Gug

Flag: Vanuatu

Crew: 21 seafarers (Korean, Filipino)

Gross Tonnage: 49,186 tons

Type of Vessel: Wood-chip carrier

Ship management: Sato Steamship Co., Ltd.