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NYK Establishes Logistics Company for Finished Cars in Colombia

NYK has signed a joint-venture agreement with Intermodal S.A.* to establish NYK Auto Logistics Colombia S.A.S (NYKCOL), a logistics company for finished cars. On September 14, a signing ceremony was held at the NYK head office in Tokyo and attended by Intermodal CEO Bernd Haubold and NYK senior managing corporate officer Koichi Chikaraishi.

Finished car imports to Colombia from Mexico ??? a country which is growing as a production base for finished cars - is expected to increase. NYKCOL has teamed with terminal operator Puerto Bahia** to operate a finished-car logistics terminal that includes PDI*** at the port of Cartagena, which is located in the northern part of Colombia. This agreement with Intermodal S.A. will lead to NYKCOL expanding its services to include inland transport, storage, and PDI in response to expanding demand.

The NYK Group will continue to provide total logistics services that include inland logistics and sea transport by taking advantage of the creative solutions initiated in the company???s "More Than Shipping 2018" medium-term management plan to provide advanced automotive logistics services in Colombia where car sales growth is expected under stable economic growth.

* Intermodal S.A.: A member of the Navemar Group, NYK???s agency in Colombia, and provider of inland transportation and storage of containers.

** Puerto Bahia: A terminal operator ??? headquartered in Cartagena, Colombia ??? for finished cars at Cartagena port.

 *** PDI (pre-delivery inspection): Services for finished vehicles ??? such as final inspections, repairs, and parts application ??? before delivery to car dealer.