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NYK Selected for DJSI for 13th Consecutive Year

NYK has been selected for the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI)* for a 13th straight year.

The DJSI, which is a major yardstick for companies engaging in socially responsible investment (SRI),** is composed of select sustainability-driven companies from over 3,500 companies invited to participate in a selection process consisting of an in-depth analysis of economic, environmental, and social criteria, such as corporate governance, risk management, water-related risks, and stakeholder relations.

As well as the FTSE4Good Index for which NYK was also selected for a 13th straight year in August, the DJSI is an important selection standard as a global index for investors who make a point of corporate social responsibility and sustainability.

NYK has also been selected for the Nadeshiko Brand*** and as a good corporate citizen will continue to take an active role in social issues, including the conservation of the environment, to contribute to the achievement of a better global society.

* Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI): The results of the annual DJSI review are announced jointly by S&P Dow Jones Indices LLC, the world's largest global resource for index-based concepts, data, and research, and SAM Sustainable Asset Management AG, a Switzerland-based company that conducts assessments of corporate sustainability.

** Socially Responsible Investment (SRI): investment based on not only a company???s economic performance but also its environmental measures, compliance with laws, and other corporate social responsibility factors as evaluation criteria.

*** Nadeshiko Brand: The Nadeshiko Brand comprises companies that encourage women to play active roles in the workplace, including the development of environments in which women are able to further their careers.

Reference: The NYK Group???s CSR activities