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NYK Conducts Short-term Exchange Program for Maritime Schools in Japan and the Philippines

The NYK-TDG Maritime Academy (NTMA), which NYK operates in the Philippines, successfully conducted a short-term student-exchange program with maritime schools in Japan during the months of September and October 2015.

The program was organized as part of the NYK Mirai Project.* From September 1 to 11, five students from the Hiroshima and Yuge colleges of the National Institute of Technology travelled to the Philippines to participate in study and activities at NTMA. The following month, from October 25 to 28, 10 students from NTMA visited the National Institute of Technology???s Hiroshima College. During the visits, students attended classes and interacted with one another in English, resulting in greater stimulation and motivation among the future seafarers.

NYK will continue this project to encourage young adults to gain a global perspective and to spark interest in the seafaring life.

* NYK Mirai Project

This project consists of a series of activities that nurture greater awareness of maritime affairs and the seafaring life among Japan???s youth so that they can develop interest in the maritime industry and consider careers at shipping companies. The project was launched at the end of 2014.


Activities of the NYK Mirai Project: 

- Visits by maritime school students to shipyards to witness the building of NYK vessels

- Lectures at elementary and junior high schools by NYK maritime staff

- Introduction of the maritime industry to elementary and junior high school students, in addition to general citizens

- Tours aboard NYK-operated vessels by maritime school teachers

- Ship tours offered through the Umi de Tsunagaru Project, a World Maritime Day parallel event

(NYK vessel-boarding opportunities have included tours of Asuka II and a car carrier, drawing significant interest in boarding large vessels and learning about the seafaring life that many people do not have a chance to experience.)