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As one of the world's most environmentally progressive transportation companies, NYK has expanded its global ISO 14001 certification to cover an additional 16 of its logistics facilities in France, Germany, Italy, Poland and Spain.

 ISO 14001 is an internationally recognised standard that helps organisations protect the environment, prevent pollution, and generally operate in a cost-efficient and environmentally responsible manner. The expansion of NYK???s ISO 14001 certification follows the company's global strategy to adopt applicable environmental standards. NYK already has 39 companies, 90 offices, and approximately 700 vessels certified under ISO 14001.

Alex Okamoto, Managing Director Logistics, NYK Group Europe, said: "The expansion of our ISO 14001 certification is official recognition of our commitment to nature preservation and our continuing efforts, through innovation and responsible management, to make our operations as environmentally friendly as possible."

Alan Harries, General Manager & Chief of Environmental Management, added: "Attaining this certificate represents a huge amount of work by many people at all levels of our business. It is a mighty achievement and we are delighted to receive it."