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Samsung Electronics (UK) Ltd has renewed its UK white goods distribution contract with NYK Logistics (UK) Ltd.

The operation is for the distribution of all Samsung white goods, including domestic appliances and home laundry equipment, throughout the UK and Ireland.

Samsung has seen a fourfold increase in its white goods volumes over the last two years. NYK???s port-centric solution has rejuvenated the company???s presence in the sector and provided a platform for growth, investment and diversification of the product range. In addition, NYK???s supply chain solution has enabled Samsung???s logistics costs as a percentage of sales to reduce in line with product ticket price. A 20 per cent increase in direct deliveries to retailers has also taken time, cost and carbon emissions out of the supply chain.

Ian Ulvmoen, General Manager - Logistics, Samsung Electronics (UK) Ltd, commented: "Samsung is happy to continue this well-respected partnership with NYK Logistics via its White Goods Operation. NYK is assisting Samsung in its objective of becoming number one in all markets we trade in. Our aim is always to realise sales revenue as quickly as possible, reducing logistics cost and speeding product to the point of sale."

NYK???s port-centric supply chain for Samsung recently won the Chartered Institute of Logistics & Transport???s (CILT) prestigious Logistics Best Practice Award for 2010.

Samsung???s entire UK supply chain is outsourced to NYK. This operation, at its peak, simultaneously involves in excess of 600 containers at sea and over 200 vehicles en route to NYK sites. At the same time, several aircraft will be airfreighting products to NYK???s high value facility alongside Heathrow.

NYK has been working with Samsung since 2000.