The Environment

The NYK Group bears a particularly weighty responsibility toward the environment because due to the nature of our business, we consume fuel in the process of transporting goods. We have therefore made, and continue to make, a wide range of improvements and innovations to fulfill our responsibility to care for the natural environment.


ISO 14001

ISO 14001 logo.

While striving to improve its environmental performance in every location in which it operates, NYK Group has recently renewed its ISO 14001 certificate for an additional three-year period. The company is currently accredited for over 800 sites worldwide, including ships, warehouses and office locations. It first obtained the certificate in 2002. More details...

News from Europe

  • NYK in the Netherlands strongly promote trucks which carry 3 TEU instead of the usual maximum load of 2 TEU. These trucks require special dispensation from the Ministry of Transport and save 30% on CO2 emission.
  • NYK in Rotterdam have banned the practice of defumigation involving the opening of container doors and letting methylbromide escape into the atmosphere. Now the containers are placed into an oversized container, the contents are heated and the gas allowed to escape through a carbon filter, thus neutralising the toxic fumes.
  • In Western Europe we ban trucks of less than Euronorm 3 (the EU adopted emission standard designed to meet the goals of the Kyoto Agreement) and we strongly promote Euronorm 5 trucks. The German Government allows reduced taxation on cleaner trucks. The higher the Euronorm, the lower the roadtax.
  • The North Continental Office of NYK (NCO) introduced rail services to Duisburg ( 7x per week) and Prague (1x per week), a fuel-efficient and environmentally-friendly way of carrying containers. Additional rail connections are being developed at this very moment. More details...


Environmental Awards

June 2010

NYK Logistics UK Ltd won the Environment Award at the UK Warehouse Association???s (UKWA) annual Awards for Warehousing.

The Environment Award is presented to the company that has shown the best application of environmentally friendly processes, procedures or monitoring during the year. In deciding the 2010 winner of the award, out of 62 entrants, the judges looked for evidence of companies reducing both the amount of energy they use and the amount of CO2 they emit.


February 2009

NYK London office wins Clean City Award

The Clean City Awards scheme is managed by the City of London Corporation. It is designed to develop a partnership with City businesses, both large and small, to achieve a clean environment through good waste management.

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