Under 49CFR it is currently a requirement to include an emergency response phone number.


As from 01 Oct 2010 it will be mandatory to provide a name as well as an Emergency Response Phone Number.  The relevant regulation is cited in 49CFR §172.604 (b) and applies to all Dangerous Goods shipments to or from the USA.

The full text of the requirements can be viewed at


For shippers that use an emergency response provider such as CHEMTREC, the name provided MUST be the name of the person or organisation that originally designated the Emergency Response Provider, or the contract number with the Emergency Response Provider.


It is not sufficient to provide the name CHEMTREC. if the originating company was Dupont then Dupont should be given as the contact name.


For consolidated shipments it is not acceptable to give the name of the consolidator.

For example, if a consolidator has 3 shippers; Smith, Jones and Brown all using CHEMTREC as their Emergency Response Provider and one shipper AN Other providing their own in house Emergency response service then the DG Notes and booking should read:


Item 1   SMITH              +18004249300

Item 2   JONES             +18004249300

Item 3   BROWN            +18004249300

Item 4   AN OTHER        +442070904000


It is incorrect to just state CHEMTREC or the consolidator name.

In all cases the Name and Contact number MUST appear together on the shipper???s dangerous goods declaration.

Any documentation that does not show this information will result in the shipment being stopped.

Shippers who provide their own emergency response can state the company name and the phone number.

Shippers who give the number of an Emergency Response Provider MUST have a formal contract with that the provider.

Shippers who give the number of an Emergency Response Provider but who do not have a contract with that provider maybe subject to further action by the US Authorities.


Shippers should further be reminded that the phone number given:-

1. Must be available 24/7 until the shipment has reached its destination.

2. The person responding must be able to give prompt advice, in English, on emergency response to any incident involving the product

3. Must include country code and city code. EG UK number 02070902155 is not acceptable. Must be format +442070902155


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