To Our Valued Customers:

As you are aware, China Customs is in the process of implementing a new 24hr Advanced Manifest Regulation. This new regulation requires the submission of manifest data 24 hours prior to laden on board vessels bound to or departing China ports, with the exceptions of Hong Kong and Macau. This requires Carriers to modify procedures and systems to ensure compliance and the timely manifesting of cargo. Please find below a status update regarding the new regulation and NYK's compliance.


  • Parallel Submission Period - effective July 1, 2009 China Customs requires the Carrier to submit manifest data in both the current and the new format required under the 24hr Advanced Manifest Regulation. During this period China Customs will continue to follow the current procedures for entry and clearance of cargo; however they expect the trade to demonstrate compliance with the new advanced manifest requirement.

  • Strict Enforcement - effective January 1, 2010 and at the conclusion of the parallel submission period, the 24 hr Advanced Manifest Regulation will be strictly enforced.


    The new regulation applies to all vessels engaged in foreign trade to and from China ports with the exceptions of Hong Kong and Macau.

NYK Readiness:

    NYK has been monitoring the new requirements very closely, our systems are ready and we are acting in full compliance with both the existing and new manifest requirements as of July 1, 2009.

Documentation Cut Offs:

  • Customers are requested to continue to submit their documentation in accordance with the guidelines provided by your local NYK office. Any questions regarding documentation timing or procedure can be direct to your local NYK Representative or Customer Service Agent.

  • As the parallel period progresses and January 1, 2010 approaches NYK will advise you in advance of any necessary changes that are required to maintain compliance.

NYK will continue to keep you apprised of developments relative to this new regulation.

In the meantime, if you have questions or require more information on this rule, please contact your local NYK Sales or Customer Service representative.

Information regarding the regulation can be found on China Custom's website: