In response to the upgrade of the Panama Canal and seasonal changes in market demand, members of the G6 Alliance today announced new product and service updates for the Asia ??? North America trade effective this summer.


(1) Enhancements of Asia ??? North America East Coast Services

Effective from Week 23, the G6 Alliance will upgrade the Asia ??? North America East Coast product as indicated below.


Introduction of new NYX service

The G6 Alliance will launch a new service called ???NYX,??? focusing on coverage between Central and North China / Korea to the United States East Coast with the below port rotation.


NYX port rotation: Qingdao ??? Ningbo ??? Shanghai (Yangshan) ??? Busan ??? Panama Canal ??? Manzanillo (Panama) ??? New York ??? Norfolk ??? Savannah ??? Manzanillo (Panama) ??? Panama Canal ??? Busan ??? Qingdao


PA1 Enhancement

To provide improved schedule reliability for our network linking Asia to the United States and Europe, the PA1 will be enhanced with the below new port rotation.

New PA1 port rotation: Busan ??? Shanghai (Yangshan) ??? Kobe ??? Nagoya ??? Tokyo ??? Vancouver ??? Tacoma ??? Oakland ??? Los Angeles ??? Panama Canal ??? Manzanillo (Panama) ??? New York ??? Halifax ??? Southampton ??? Antwerp ??? Bremerhaven ??? Rotterdam ??? Halifax ??? New York ??? Norfolk ??? Savannah ??? Manzanillo (Panama) ??? Panama Canal ??? Los Angeles ??? Oakland ??? Yokohama ??? Busan


PA2 Enhancement

The PA2 port rotation will also be enhanced with an additional call to Shanghai, focusing on coverage between Asia and mid- and south-Atlantic connections.

New PA2 port rotation: Tokyo ??? Kobe ??? Busan ??? Shanghai (Yangshan) ??? Tokyo ??? Panama Canal ??? Manzanillo (Panama) ??? Miami ??? Savannah ??? Jacksonville ??? Charleston ??? Norfolk ??? Manzanillo (Panama) ??? Panama Canal ??? Balboa ??? Los Angeles ??? Oakland ??? Tokyo


CEC Enhancement

The CEC coverage will be widened to include port calls at Kaohsiung.

 New CEC port rotation: Kaohsiung ??? Hong Kong ??? Shekou ??? Yantian ??? Singapore ??? Suez Canal ??? New York ??? Savannah ??? Charleston ??? Norfolk ??? Suez Canal ??? Jeddah ??? Singapore ??? Vung Tau ??? Kaohsiung

As a result of the above enhancements, the current NYE/SCE Combo and NCE services will be suspended.


NYE/SCE Combo service original rotation: Xiamen ??? Kaohsiung ??? Hong Kong ??? Yantian ??? Shanghai (Yangshan) ??? Busan ??? Panama Canal ??? Manzanillo (Panama) ??? Kingston ??? Savannah ??? Charleston ??? New York ??? Norfolk ??? Jacksonville ??? Kingston ??? Manzanillo (Panama) ??? Panama Canal ??? Balboa ??? Busan ??? Xiamen

 The last sailing will be Hyundai Dynasty 046E/W, having an ETA at Xiamen on June 2, 2016, and an ETA at Savannah on July 4, 2016.


NCE service original rotation: Busan ??? Qingdao ??? Ningbo ??? Shanghai (Yangshan) ??? Panama Canal ??? New York ??? Norfolk ??? Savannah ??? Panama Canal ??? Busan

 The last sailing will be Hyundai Integral 051E/W, having an ETA at Pusan on May 29, 2016, and an ETA at New York on July 2, 2016.


(2) Enhancement of Asia ??? North America West Coast Services

The G6 Alliance will resume the CC2 service in Week 21 with the below port rotation.

CC2 port rotation: Ningbo ??? Shanghai (Waigaoqiao) ??? Busan ??? Long Beach ??? Ningbo


As a result, the CC4 service will resume its original port rotation as a shuttle service between Central China and the United States West Coast.


CC4 port rotation: Shanghai (Waigaoqiao) ??? Ningbo ??? Los Angeles ??? Oakland ??? Shanghai (Waigaoqiao)


The G6 Alliance continues to offer a variety of services between Asia and North America covering all major port pairs with weekly sailings, making service adjustments where necessary. The G6 Alliance also offers services on the Asia ??? Europe and Trans-Atlantic trade lanes.


The G6 Alliance members include APL, Hapag-Lloyd, Hyundai Merchant Marine, Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, Nippon Yusen Kaisha, and Orient Overseas Container Line.