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NYK Establishes First Exclusive RORO Terminal for Finished Cars in Saudi Arabia

On September 3, NYK signed a joint-venture agreement with Ports Development Company (PDC)* to establish NYK???s first exclusive RORO terminal operating company at King Abdullah port (KAP)** on the Red Sea coast of Saudi Arabia.

This terminal named KAP RORO Terminal, which is the first exclusive RORO terminal in Saudi Arabia, is planned to commence full operations by 3rd quarter 2016. The joint venture will be the first automotive logistics base for the NYK Group in the Middle East.

King Abdullah port is a private port which is owned and developed by PDC, which opened a container terminal there in 2014. By establishing this new joint venture in cooperation with PDC, the NYK Group is expanding the reach of its global operations by providing customer-oriented service based on the NYK Group???s operational experience and accomplishments as a pioneer in the field. Moreover, the NYK Group will ensure adequate capacity equal to 600,000 handling units yearly to address increasing demand at growing market in Middle East as a gate port.

The NYK Group will continue to take advantage of the creative solutions initiated in the company???s "More Than Shipping 2018" medium-term management plan to provide advanced automotive logistics services in order to respond to customers??? demands in the Middle East region, where continual economic growth is expected.


*Ports Development Company

A joint-venture company between the Saudi Arabian conglomerate Huta Marine Works Limited and Emaar, the Economic City in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


** King Abdullah Port

A port within King Abdullah Economic City, which is located 88 kilometers to the north of Jeddah.


NYK to Provide Complete Outbound Logistics of Finished Vehicles for both Ford Plants in India

In 2011, NYK Auto Logistics (India) Pvt. Ltd.(NALI)* was awarded a contract by Ford India for RORO terminal services of finished cars at Chennai and Ennore Port. Based on the service quality, in 2015, NALI and Ford India extended the scope of services to cover Chennai plant stockyard management and inland transportation from plant to Chennai and Ennore ports. With this new scope of business, NALI can provid complete outbound logistics of finished vehicles for the Ford plant in Chennai. A part of exports from the Ford Chennai plant is also loaded on NYK vessels at Chennai port, extending the supply chain further to overseas dealers.

The partnership with Ford India strengthened further when the scope of services for NALI was expanded to the new Ford plant in Sanand Gujarat. NALI was awarded a contract to provide plant stockyard management services, transportation from Sanand Plant to domestic dealers, and RORO Terminal Services at the NYK Pipavav RORO terminal. NALI is also working with Ford on a proposal to induce a dedicated car carrier trailer fleet to transport cars from Sanand Plant to Pipavav RORO terminal. The terminal at Pipavav is equipped with state -of ??? the - art PDI facilities where vehicles shall be processed to export readiness condition and loaded on board the RORO vessel by NYK - trained stevedores.

The first NYK vessel, Grand Dahlia, called at Pipavav RORO terminal on August 26 to load a consignment of 1,380 Ford Figo Aspire vehicles and extended the outbound supply chain from Sanand plant to overseas dealers. On arrival at the overseas destination, the NYK Group shall also provide import logistics including RORO terminal services and inland transportation to the dealers.

With the award of the business at Sanand, NALI now provides complete outbound logistics of finished vehicles for both Ford plants in India and NYK Group provides Ford with global supply chain logistics from the plant in India to overseas dealers.

The NYK Group will continue to take advantage of the creative solutions initiated in the company???s "More Than Shipping 2018" medium-term management plan to provide advanced, professional finished-car services

in order to respond to growing demand for finished-car logistics around the world.


* NYK Auto Logistics (India) Pvt. Ltd: An Indian subsidiary that provides finished-car outbound logistics services for the NYK Group. The services include commercial RORO shipping agency, Plant Stockyard Management, Inland transportation by car carrier trailers, RORO terminal services, PDI and other value added services.

** PDI (pre-delivery inspection): Services for finished vehicles ??? such as final inspections, repairs, and parts application ??? before delivery to car dealer.


???NYK Auto Logistics India to Operate Finished-car Logistics Terminal In West Coast of India,??? December 26, 2014,

???NYK Exports First Ford Figo Aspire Cars from the Indian Port of Pipavav,??? August 27, 2015,

NYK and MTI Jointly Develop Industry-first Automatic Camera Device for Monitoring a Vessel???s Engine

NYK and the Monohakobi Technology Institute (MTI; head office: Tokyo; president: Makoto Igarashi) have jointly developed ???Kirari NINJA??? (patent pending), a device that can automatically photograph the interior of a vessel engine???s combustion chamber.

Currently, in order to inspect a combustion chamber, crew has to enter the inside of the engine after having stopped the engine. Because it is dark inside, it is hard to see in detail, so the crew is required to work long and hard there in high temperatures.

This device, which is jointly manufactured with Daito Electron Co. Ltd. (head office: Osaka; president: Isayuki Mae), is composed of a panoramic camera and lighting. By installing it on the upper part of the piston in the combustion chamber, photographs in all directions of the interior can be taken during one round of vertical piston movement (approximately 10 minutes). Consequently, the crew???s workload can be dramatically alleviated. Moreover, the photos make it possible to accurately and precisely view in detail the condition of the inner part of the combustion chamber.


Features of Kirari NINJA and its effects

 1. Capable of taking photographs in all directions

Equipped with a 360-degree panoramic camera and LED lighting, the device can take photographs in all directions inside the dark combustion chamber.

 2. Alleviation of workload

Because the crew does not need to enter the hot combustion chamber, the device significantly alleviates the crew???s work burden.

 3. Contribution to safe operation and cost reduction

Allowing accurate and precise monitoring of the interior of the combustion chamber makes it possible to implement timely maintenance, thereby preventing engine accidents and reducing maintenance cost.



In accordance with its ???More Than Shipping 2018??? medium-term management plan, the NYK Group will promote work efficiency throughout the Group and strive to develop technologies to maintain safer and more efficient operations.


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