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NYK has once again sponsored the Kishu Minabe Sea Turtle Research Project conducted by the NPO Earthwatch Japan.* This year, 13 NYK Group employees volunteered to participate in research sessions conducted on July 9–11 and again on July 13–15.

Minabecho in Wakayama prefecture is where most loggerhead sea turtles** lay their eggs on the main island of Japan, but a shortage of staff has prevented sufficient identification surveys from being conducted. This research project started last year with the aim of studying the sea turtle’s behavior patterns and keeping the turtles free of danger, and over the past two years, comprehensive surveys have been conducted and valuable data collected by NYK Group employees and citizen volunteers.

The participants attached identification tags to the turtles, and recorded and measured their shell lengths and widths as the turtles crossed the sandy beach to nest at nighttime. This research project was conducted under the careful guidance of an academic expert and members of the Sea Turtle Association of Japan, a local NPO, so as not to disturb the turtles’ spawning.

NYK, as a good corporate citizen that recognizes environmental issues as a significant company challenge, participates in projects such as this to contribute to the achievement of better seas through preservation of the marine environment and biodiversity, which are closely related to our business.

* Earthwatch Japan

Earthwatch, a non-profit organization established in 1971 in Boston, is an international nongovernmental organization. It provides researchers with both human and financial support for overseas field research and surveys. Volunteers dispatched all over the world by Earthwatch have taken active roles at cutting-edge scientific sites, receiving instruction from world-class scientists. Earthwatch Institute - Japan was established in 1993 for the purpose of promoting Earthwatch activities in Japan. In 2003, it was certified as a non-profit organization.

** Loggerhead sea turtle

The loggerhead sea turtle is listed on the IUCN*** Red List of Threatened Species due to shore development, encroachment, and fishing nets.

*** IUCN

International Union for Conservation of Nature. The IUCN is a global nature conservation network created by government and civil society organizations in 1948 to forge and implement solutions to environmental challenges.

During the month of July, NYK held three safety promotion conferences for shipowners and ship-management companies. The first two conferences were held at the NYK head office in Tokyo and the third was convened at Imabari city in Ehime prefecture.

Every summer, NYK conducts the Remember Naka-no-Se safety campaign, which draws on the lessons learnt by the Diamond Grace oil spill in July 1997 to encourage all NYK Group board members, employees, and related partners to bear in mind the importance of safe operations. These safety promotion conferences are conducted as part of this safety campaign to prevent the lessons of the Diamond Grace accident from fading away 20 years after the spill occurred.

This year, a total of 193 participants from 88 companies gathered at the three conferences. Under the slogan "Brush Up on Safety Awareness,” participants exchanged information mainly about physical and mental issues that may lead to accidents and troubles by crew members.

In addition, NYK expressed its gratitude for the participants’ implementation of safety measures that began after last year’s conferences and encouraged the participants to take part in the campaign’s safety promotion competitions.

The NYK Group will continue to hold these conferences in order to ensure the safety of the entire NYK fleet, including NYK Group affiliates, shipowners, ship-management companies, and marine- and land-related parties.

At the recent Jaguar Land Rover Annual Supplier Excellence Awards, NYK were presented with a silver award for their contribution to Jaguar Land Rover’s business over the course of last year. All winners at the awards ceremony were recognised for their extraordinary contribution to Jaguar Land Rover’s business, cost transformation and operational delivery. The award was presented by British actress , Joanna Lumley, OBE FRGS.

NYK are responsible for the shipment of Jaguar Land Rover’s finished vehicles to strategically important markets such as the Middle East and the west coast of the United States.

Phil O’Reilly, Marketing Director of RORO at NYK commented: “NYK is extremely proud to receive this award from Jaguar Land Rover, We hope to continue serving Jaguar Land Rover with excellent support in the future”


From left to right, Dr Ralf Speth (CEO Jaguar Land Rover), Mr Phil O’Reilly (Director NYK), Joanna  Lumley (OBE FRGS), Tsutomu Yokoyama (MD NYK) and Ian Harnett (Executive Director, Human Resources and Global Purchasing, Jaguar Land Rover).