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NYK and YLK Jointly Hold Training Program for Staff from around the World

From October 19 to 23, Nippon Yusen Kabushiki Kaisha (NYK; head office: Tokyo; president: Tadaaki Naito) and Yusen Logistics Co. Ltd. (YLK; head office: Tokyo; president: Hiromitsu Kuramoto) jointly conducted their 2015 Global NYK/YLK Week, a training program targeting NYK and YLK staff from offices around the world. Twenty-five overseas staff members — 12 from NYK and 13 from YLK — were nominated from the Group’s global business bases to attend the program along with two Japanese staff members from each company’s headquarters in Tokyo.

This training program has been jointly held by NYK and YLK since 2012 to deepen the interchange among the participants across national, division, and company boundaries and further strengthen links and networks within the Group.

This year’s program was held under the theme of “Bring Value into Action.” The participants discussed the enhancement of competitiveness through a heightened understanding of the NYK Group Values,* and presentations were given about each business segment’s strategy based on the NYK Group’s medium-term management plan. The participants actively exchanged opinions while engaging in group work designed to deepen their understanding of the NYK Group’s business and initiatives. The participants were divided into four groups, and each group made a presentation on the program theme to the presidents of NYK and YLK, in addition to board members. Comments afterward underscored the importance of active participation in the Group’s business management. It is expected that all participants will take their experiences in the five-day program back home to share with their colleagues.

As a global company, the NYK Group respects the diversity of its employees and the spirit of challenge, and remains dedicated to the development of its human resources so that the NYK Group can be a place where all employees can work with pride and realize their dreams.


 *NYK Group Values

Integrity, innovation, and intensity — the 3 I’s — are considered to represent the essential character of NYK, formed over the course of the company’s 130 year history. Since 1997, the assimilation of these values has facilitated the achievement of the NYK Group mission statement.

NYK Procures 5,500 Advanced Refrigerated Containers

NYK has placed an order for 5,500 technologically advanced 40-foot refrigerated (reefer) containers, which are more efficient and reliable than older equipment. Delivery of the new units has already commenced.

This strategic investment will ensure that NYK continues to operate one of the newest and most competitive reefer container fleets in the liner industry.

The new order includes 700 Controlled Atmosphere (CA) containers. The advanced technology of these CA units ensures that the quality and freshness of perishable agricultural products, such as fruits and vegetables, is maintained during long ocean transits.  The CA technology regulates not only the temperature within the reefer unit but also the oxygen and carbon dioxide levels.

NYK continues to improve the broad range of solutions we offer to customers in the expanding refrigerated and frozen ocean cargo sectors.

NYK and Astomos Energy Conclude Time-charter Contract for 12th VLGC

On October 30, NYK concluded a time-charter contract for a new VLGC (very large gas carrier) with Astomos Energy Corporation (Astomos; head office: Tokyo; president: Osamu Masuda), the world's pre-eminent liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) company.

The new VLGC will be built by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Shipbuilding Co. Ltd. (head office: Nagasaki prefecture; president: Hiroshi Yokota)* and delivered in the fourth quarter of 2018. After delivery, the ship will be assigned to a service designated in a five-year time-charter contract, and NYK and Astomos will then have 12 VLGCs in operation under time-charter contracts.

Astomos is looking to increase LPG handling volume from the current 10 million tons/year to 12 million tons/year by 2017. The company plays an important role in the LPG business field, which is expected to continue to grow as progress is made on new LNG projects in the Middle East, the United States, West Africa, and Australia. NYK will continue to expand its LPG fleet and strengthen its LPG transportation service, in addition to reinforcing the close relationship that NYK and Astomos have shared for so many years.

In accordance with its “More Than Shipping 2018” medium-term management plan, NYK will continue to encourage creative solutions in its efforts to contribute to stable and economical LPG transport services.


* Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Shipbuilding Co. Ltd.

A wholly owned group company of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd. that focuses on the design, manufacture, and repair of vessels.