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NYK’s Ship Information Management System (SIMS), jointly developed by NYK and the Monohakobi Technology Institute (MTI; head office: Tokyo; president: Makoto Igarashi), has been recognized with Japan’s 2015 Minister of the Environment Award in the Technical Development and Commercialization category. An awards ceremony was held on December 2, 2015, and attended by Yoshiyuki Yoshida, NYK managing corporate officer, and Makoto Igarashi, president of MTI.

By employing SIMS on vessels, detailed data can be timely shared between onboard crew and land-based operation staff. Such data includes precise hourly updates on conditions of operation and fuel consumption.


NYK started employing SIMS on containerships in 2012 for energy-saving operations, allowing both onshore and offshore staff to access precise information on weather conditions and the speed and fuel consumption performance of oceangoing vessels. By using such big data, more efficient vessel operation and allocation can be realized, resulting in energy savings of approximately 10%.


In April 2014, NYK launched the Big Data Utilization Special Project within the Group and is striving to gain further advantages from it. The NYK Group recently installed SIMS on more than 130 vessels of various types. In addition, big data utilization is underway not only for energy-saving operations, but for safety or efficiencies in other areas; for example, reducing repair costs and time-loss due to engine troubles, and proposing optimal vessel types by combining port and cargo information.


This award was granted by the Environment Ministry in recognition of the NYK Group’s initiatives to promote big data utilization and efforts to further develop safe, energy-saving operations.


In accordance with its “More Than Shipping 2018” medium-term management plan, the NYK Group will further promote the utilization of big data in operations to improve the competitiveness of the company’s services. Equally important, as a good corporate citizen the NYK Group will continue to take an active role in social issues, including environmental conservation, and will continue to make efforts to contribute to the achievement of a sustainable, improved global society.


* The Minister of the Environment Award for the Promotion of Measures to Cope with Global Warming

The award was established in 1998 by Japan's Ministry of the Environment and is given every year in December to coincide with Global Warming Prevention Month. The recognition is presented to individuals and groups that have shown remarkable achievements in addressing climate change. This is the second time the NYK Group has been an award winner. In 2012, the NYK Group received an Environment Award for “development and operation of an energy-saving air lubrication system.”


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NYK Conducts Short-term Exchange Program for Maritime Schools in Japan and the Philippines

The NYK-TDG Maritime Academy (NTMA), which NYK operates in the Philippines, successfully conducted a short-term student-exchange program with maritime schools in Japan during the months of September and October 2015.

The program was organized as part of the NYK Mirai Project.* From September 1 to 11, five students from the Hiroshima and Yuge colleges of the National Institute of Technology travelled to the Philippines to participate in study and activities at NTMA. The following month, from October 25 to 28, 10 students from NTMA visited the National Institute of Technology’s Hiroshima College. During the visits, students attended classes and interacted with one another in English, resulting in greater stimulation and motivation among the future seafarers.

NYK will continue this project to encourage young adults to gain a global perspective and to spark interest in the seafaring life.

* NYK Mirai Project

This project consists of a series of activities that nurture greater awareness of maritime affairs and the seafaring life among Japan’s youth so that they can develop interest in the maritime industry and consider careers at shipping companies. The project was launched at the end of 2014.


Activities of the NYK Mirai Project: 

- Visits by maritime school students to shipyards to witness the building of NYK vessels

- Lectures at elementary and junior high schools by NYK maritime staff

- Introduction of the maritime industry to elementary and junior high school students, in addition to general citizens

- Tours aboard NYK-operated vessels by maritime school teachers

- Ship tours offered through the Umi de Tsunagaru Project, a World Maritime Day parallel event

(NYK vessel-boarding opportunities have included tours of Asuka II and a car carrier, drawing significant interest in boarding large vessels and learning about the seafaring life that many people do not have a chance to experience.)

On November 30, NYK welcomed about 60 environmental supervisors from 46 NYK Group companies to the group’s annual Environmental Management Conference in Tokyo. NYK holds this conference once a year with NYK Group companies to share information on environmental practices and strengthen environmental management within the group.

At this ninth conference, the two group companies below were commended for their original and creative efforts to improve the value of the NYK Group, and each of the companies gave a presentation on its environmental activities.


  1. NYK Container Line Co. Ltd. (head office: Tokyo; president: Kazuo Ishizuka)

Reduction of environmental burden by cooperating with customers for the round use of containers.


  1. Yokohama Building Co. Ltd. (head office: Kanagawa; president: Akihiro Fujii)

Improvement of recycling rate by closely cooperating with tenants to thoroughly separate and sort waste.


The conference participants were also captivated by a presentation by representatives from TOTO Ltd., who spoke about their company’s product-related environmental initiatives to conserve water resources.

 The NYK Group is currently making efforts to reduce the group’s environmental impact and cut CO2 emissions by improving the fuel efficiency of the company’s ships by 15% by fiscal 2018 from fiscal 2010, and also by reducing year-on-year electricity consumption, which fell by 2.6% in fiscal 2014 through the introduction of electricity-saving equipment and power-saving activities.

 NYK continues to enhance its activities to reduce the environmental impact of the NYK Group and take an active role in the safety and environmental fields based on the NYK Group’s “More Than Shipping 2018” medium-term management plan.