Message from The President


Thank you very much for your interest in the NYK Group.

As a global logistics enterprise offering ocean, land, and air transportation, our mission is to contribute to better societies around the world through safe and reliable monohakobi (transportation of goods). We conduct our daily business with this mission in mind. We are proud to play a part in improving the quality of life for many people around the world. We are also aware of our responsibility in providing infrastructure for global trade.

In April 2014, we launched our medium-term management plan, "More Than Shipping 2018 " Stage 2 Leveraged by Creative Solutions. As shown in the name of the plan, while shipping remains our core business, our basic strategy is to differentiate ourselves through a wide range of ocean, land, and air services beyond the boundaries of traditional shipping. We intend to more vigorously implement new services and improve business through the use of ingenuity.

To realise this management plan, we will continue to offer safe and stable business management featuring the NYK Group Values of integrity, innovation, intensity  i.e., the three I's. This will enable us to remain a trusted organisation for our customers and society.

April 2015
Tadaaki Naito